If you’re a fan of late-night eats and Japanese cuisine, then you’re in luck: a new ramen shop called Cheap Noods has opened up in downtown Windsor, Ontario. This cozy little spot offers a variety of tasty ramen bowls along with two appetizers, making it the perfect place to grab a late-night bite.

Open Wednesdays to Saturdays, Cheap Noods is the very first late night ramen shop in Windsor. You’ll find three different types of ramen to choose from: beef, chicken, and vegetarian. Each bowl is available in small or large size, depending on your appetite.

In addition to the ramen, Cheap Noods also offers two delicious appetizers, an Asian salad and dumplings.

One of the best things about Cheap Noods is that they’re open late, from 11pm to 4am. They’re able to do this by utilizing the kitchen and dining area of the Chatham Street Diner when the breakfast joint is closed. This makes Cheap Noods the perfect spot to grab a late-night meal after a night out on the town.

So, welcome to the Windsor culinary scene, Cheap Noods!