The 7 Cheese Agnolotti from The Cook's Shop in downtown Windsor, Ontario.

6 Things To You Must Eat This Weekend Around Windsor

Bahn Mi Sandwich


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Did you know that Erie Street Gastro Pub has a Bahn Mi Happy Hour? You can order an authentic Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwich daily between 3pm to 6pm with your choice of beef, pork belly or tofu for just $8.



The Soujok Cake is a mountain of flavour and packs a spicy punch that we cannot get enough of! This dish is a beautifully crafted scalloped potato stack infused with spicy layers of French and Lebanese beef soujok sausage and topped with basturma. The potatoes, cream and soujok with the garlic offer a trifecta of deliciousness which linger on your taste buds well after you’ve finished eating.



Panache in downtown Windsor has more than just great drinks. This sliced, 12oz striploin is served with seasonal vegetables and is great for sharing.


Maison Istanbul serves up some pretty fantastic Turkish food, including traditional Turkish flatbread called Pide. The bread is combined with various toppings and cooked to form a common Turkish meal. I guess you can say it’s a love child of pizza and Middle Eastern meat pies.

We absolutely love the meat version of this, but it is also available in cheese, meat and cheese, cheese and eggs, cheese and sucuk (Turkish sausage and also deeelish), sucuk and eggs, and lahmacun.


Stuffing waffles with turkey and gravy on the all day brunch menu at WindsorEats in Windsor, Ontario.
Stuffing waffles with turkey and gravy on the all day brunch menu at WindsorEats in Windsor, Ontario.


Yes, WindsorEats serves its own food. Head to our location at 400 Erie Street East on Sundays and dig into a massive serving of our stuffing waffles during our all day brunch, which runs from 10am to 6pm.

No, not stuffed waffles. Stuffing waffles. We take fresh made turkey stuffing and tosses it into the waffle iron before topping it with pieces of real turkeys and fresh made gravy. This serving is a feast all by itself. Plus, it’s turkey stuffing. Come on!



A classic, old school Italian restaurant in downtown Windsor, The Coook’s Shop has been pumping out great meals for years. This weekend we’d recommend their fresh 7 cheese agnolotti, sautéed with onions and garlic and served in a creamy walnut pesto sauce.


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