WindsorEats will begin hosting a weekly Friday Night Trivia beginning January 6, 2023, at 8pm and hosted by none other than Mack Flash.

We wanted to add an extra level of fun to our Fridays that allow people to have a great night out without getting too wild and crazy. A trivia night struck the perfect balance to head out on a Friday night, enjoy some of our much talked about cocktails and ever changing food menu, and say you did something rather than sitting on your sofa and staring blankly at a wall wondering about the days you were the master of the weekend.

Our test night back in December brought in a full house for a fun night of cocktails, food and tough questions.

Teams must consist of a maximum of 6 people. At the end of the night, each member of the victorious team will receive a $15 gift card that can be redeemed on any WindsorEats experience (think tours and cooking classes).

So, think you’ve got the perfect amount of useless knowledge in your brain to win? Come prove it!