Do you want to help someone who is struggling and could benefit from a free coffee or meal?

Roast N Toast, a cute little diner on Ottawa Street in Windsor, Ontario, has joined Suspended Coffees to offer a warm drink or meal to anyone in need.

The premise behind the program is quote simple. When buying a cup of coffee or meal, you have the option to buy additional ones that get logged and a card is placed on the “suspended” board. When those in need come in, they can simply take a card from the board, sit down enjoy the coffee or meal and use the card to pay.

This movement is about kindness and sharing with those that may be struggling or in need of feeling that someone cares.

The program has already been a huge success for Roast N Toast, with dozens of coffees and meals having been suspended and redeemed.

Help spread a little bit of happiness not only this Christmas season but all year long.