Just in case you haven’t heard, the WindsorEats Street Food Fare is taking place Saturday, October 1, 2022.

The Street Food Fare has become a popular event that is focused solely on great street food. The last time it was held, over 3000 people attended, helping our vendors sell out of pretty much everything.

Since WindsorEats has opened a new location, the event will be scaled down a wee bit but we’re still expecting the same deliciousness when it comes to the food and drink. The Street Food Fare will run from 12pm to 9pm and is family friendly, pet friendly (on the patio), and free to attend. Our location is at 400 Erie St. E. in Windsor, Ontario.

Here’s a look at some of the treats you’ll be able to dig into:



I guess we can let the cat out of the bag. WindsorEats has finally hired our own chef and this mini Street Food Fare will be his first kick at the can with us.

We’ll be starting things off simple with a classic smash patty burger and some fried dough to munch on.

For drinks, not only will you be able to get a flight of our margaritas, but, you’ll also be able to try some of the new pumpkin spice or eggnog cocktails we’ve been working on.


Vegan or not, these desserts are kick ass. Plant Joy is planning on serving up doughnut kebabs, made up of glazed and cinnamon doughnut holes on a stick. They’ll also be bringing along other assorted doughnuts and cinnamon buns.


This one is for all the Dalufans out there.

Lovers of Chef Anthony Dalupan’ will be able to enjoy a rare public service as he sets up a booth at the fest. The last time Anthony cooked for the general public was at our Outdoor Food Hall more than a year ago where his Kimchi Chicken Crunch was all the rage.

This time around, he hinted at a deep fried cheesecake and a couple other items. Whatever he makes, it’s always delicious.


The famous Mozza Bombs from Road Chef in Windsor, Ontario.
The famous Mozza Bombs from Road Chef in Windsor, Ontario.

Road Chef will be setting up a tent and bringing in his signature Mozza Bombs and Cauli Crunch. He’s also mentioning he has something else up his sleeve and we can’t wait to see what it is!


Of course they’ll be on site! With the Street Food Fare taking place at their permanent location on the WindsorEats patio, you’ll be able to come to the event and enjoy their birria tacos. They’ll also be serving up fish tacos, birria fries, elotes and churros.


We’re excited about this one! A brand new vegan business is setting up shop and will be giving plant-based eaters a vegan birria option.

Their Beef-less Quesabirria will be made with shredded seitan beef and creamy cashew cheese on a fresh corn tortilla dipped in flavourful consume. You’ll also be able to enjoy baja phish tacos and Asian Lechuga tacos, which are umami packed tofu in a delicious hoisin based sauce topped with crispy fried rice noodles and scallions wrapped in butter lettuce.


While these 6 options already sounds delicious, we’re continuing to work to secure a couple more vendors to compliment these ones.