Whether you love Mac & Cheese or sausages, a small sausage maker has taken the sausage game to the next level with these takes on his links.

Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Co., located in Windsor, Ontario, has been making the Cadillac Mac for years. Developed in 2017 as part of his Master Chef series of sausages, the Cadillac Mac is a connection to many people’s favourite childhood (and adulthood) meal: Kraft Dinner.

Now, the Cadillac Mac is for our more educated adult palates. It’s decadent, stuffed with the actual Kraft dinner, naturally smoked bacon and jalapenos.

But it doesn’t end there!

Rob Bornais, the mastermind behind the Cadillac Mac, took it to the next level when it came to cooking these links. He couldn’t just let richness and creaminess of this sausage be eaten on a regular bun with ketchup. Instead, here are two ways he recommends preparing them to really up your sausage game:



An absolutely delicious play on Mac & Lobster, Robbie layered it with butter poached lobster, a house made hollandaise sauce, and minced chives. The combination of flavours and richness with each bite is to die for.



Chef Rob Nesbitt fiddled around with Robbie’s sausage in a variety of recipes. He fell in love with this one. A gourmet corn dog, Chef Nesbitt deep fried a Cadillac Mac sausage doused in a classic, easy-to-make cornmeal batter before smothering it in a house made mustard aioli. It is an absolute must eat.