A Wings & Whisky theme is taking place this weekend at the Outdoor Food Hall and we’re gearing up to serve some whisky cocktails that are sure to delight.

In addition to your basics like a whisky and coke or ginger, here are some craft cocktails we think you need to get your hands on at the Outdoor Food Hall from October 15-17, 2021.


The Outdoor Food Hall, presented by St. Clair College and the Alumni Association, turns Lanspeary Park’s outdoor rink into the city’s largest patio. It features multiple restaurants and chefs all on a single menu and is licensed to serve beer and wine, too! Since the rink has a massive canopy overtop, it also protects guests from the sun and any rain, offering an all-weather patio. The Outdoor Food Hall is a digital, contactless, cashless event. All food and drink orders and payments within the rink are completed on your own mobile device. It runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through to the end of October.




2 Canadian classics being combined into one: whisky and a Caesar. It’s your classic Caesar recipe that still includes all the goodness with Clamato, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco, but with Canadian whisky substituting in place for the vodka.



For those who are wishing to pretend it’s summer for just a little bit longer, we’ll be serving the official drink of Whiskytown Canada: the Canadian Mojito.

Just like the Caesars above, it’s a whisky twist on a classic cocktail. Instead of rum we add whisky, and instead of simply syrup we throw in maple syrup. How Canadian is that?



Forget pumpkin spice latte, the real drink of fall is an Apple Cider Whisky Smash. It’s whisky, lemon juice and apple cider all shaken up into one delicious cup filled with Autumn.



Looking to keep yourself warm if the night turns chilly? We heat up some apple cider we got from Wagner Orchards and spike it with some Wolfhead Distillery whisky. Simple and satisfying.



Alongside the Outdoor Fall Wings & Whisky weekend, WindsorEats in collaboration with YQG Made will once again be hosting a night market on Friday, October 15. The Outdoor Night Market will feature local craft wine and beer and over 20 YQG Made makers.

Both the Outdoor Food Hall and Outdoor Night Market are free to attend.

As with any events in these wonderful pandemic times, masks and social distancing will be required on site. Classified as a festival/event, proof of vaccination will be required to enter.