From the creative minds that brought you the Packzi Beer and Beer Advent Calendar, comes a 6-course Mix Pack of Thanksgiving inspired beers.

Craft Heads Brewing Company is taking Thanksgiving to another level with a 6-course Thanksgiving dinner in alcoholic form; typically served from a brown bag.

Each unique beer will replicate a Thanksgiving feast favourite with a few  absolutely ridiculously awesome one-offs to give you all the flavours of your favourite Thanksgiving dishes in liquid form.


Called the Thanksgiv’r Pack, these 6 beauts will be available October 9, 2021, for pick-up and delivery Here’s a look at the 6-pack flavours:

Course #1 – Cranberry Sauce Sour

It’s Craft Heads’ Fruit Sourbet, but aged on cranberry puree. Yum!

Course #2 – Stove Hop Stuffing

You can’t have Thanksgiving without stuffing! This Pale Ale is brewed with Stove Top Stuffing in the mash. We’re being serious. Actual. Stove Top. Stuffing.

Course #3 – Potato & Gravy Pale Ale

Another pale ale, but this one is brewed with potato and dry gravy spice mix from Phog Lounge.

Course #4 – Pumpin’ Pumpkin

A classic seasonal that Craft Heads pumps out, Pumpin’ Pumpkin is a pumpkin pie-spiced brown ale. In short, it’s pumpkin pie in a glass.

Course #5 – Marshmallow & Candied Yam Stout

Sweet candied yams!!! First they took sweet potatos/pumpkins/marshmallows and fire-roasted them in the brick oven at their neighbour, Terra Cotta Gourmet Pizzeria. Then they drizzled them with Belgian candy sugar and sweet molasses.

Course #6 – Mulled Cider Ale

Finish off your untraditional Thanksgiving meal with a traditional sweet cider ale heated with spices.