If you haven’t heard, WindsorEats is launching an outdoor food hall in Lanspeary Park complete with several chefs and restaurants serving some mighty fine eats. Starting September 4, 2020, the ice-less outdoor rink will serve up delicious food options each and every weekend.

If you read our Ultimate Guide for the food hall, you’ll know a lot of details were thought of in trying to make it a perfect, safe and tasty environment. Here are 6 of our favourite reasons as to why the Outdoor Food Hall is the perfect choice for dining out.



Everyone has been through the dilemma of wanting to eat at one restaurant but your friends or significant other wanting to eat at another. The Outdoor Food Hall helps put that issue to rest. With four to five different food vendors available on one menu, you can have your Filipino cuisine while the rest of your party eats their tacos.

While the restaurants and chefs will change on a weekly basis, there will always be a diverse variety of cuisine to choose from.



Families that dine together are mighty fine together…or something like that. The Outdoor Food Hall is open to all ages, just make sure they are accounted for in your reservations as your group can’t account for more than 6 humans, regardless of size. Also remember, each reservation is its own table so book your entire group as one reservation.



Yes, it might seem weird to list this immediately after saying it’s family friendly, but, let’s be serious here. The world doesn’t fall apart because mom and dad sip a little jesus juice at family dinner.

We’re curating a craft beer and wine list from local breweries and wineries to help spread the local love. We’ll also be making our Whiskytown Mojitos which substitute Windsor-made whisky for the rum and are just as, if not more, delicious.



A lot has been made about the plight of the hospitality industry, and rightfully so. While restaurants have been devastated, it has been heartwarming to see locals trying to support them as much as they can. There has been one subsect of the industry that hasn’t received a lot of attention though: caterers and other chefs. They relied heavily on weddings, festivals and events and which have been virtually wiped out, leaving these businesses decimated. The Outdoor Food Hall is giving them and restaurants who can’t erect a patio and/or have minimal indoor space an opportunity to generate revenue by serving you some amazing dishes.




We take the pandemic seriously and are implementing measures to ensure that our guests, our staff, and our vendors are kept safe and in a safe environment. First, masks are mandatory at all times in the facility unless you’re seated at your table.

The location of the food hall can normally accommodate over 1000 people at a time. Clearly that won’t be happening anytime soon, so it allows us to distance tables and walkways at very safe intervals.

To ensure that any contact is as minimal as possible, all ordering and payment will be done through your own personal mobile device. Watch this walkthrough of the site to get an understanding at how distanced and safe everyone will be.



Yes, it’s a food hall, but, for those who aren’t yet quite comfortable with groups, we have a special takeout section just for you. So whether you aren’t being among groups, we were at capacity when you arrived without a reservation or you just wanted your own personal picnic in the park, ordering takeout is a great option available.