Take a walk through history and discover how Canadian whisky helped forge a town with a new walking tour being offered in Windsor, Ontario.

Windsor, Ontario, is the birthplace of Canadian Club whisky and home to North America’s largest distillery. Discover the tales, stories and folklore of whisky barons, gangsters and rum runners that led to this unique neighbourhood getting Windsor the moniker, Whiskytown, Canada.

The neighbourhood of Walkerville holds a fascinating history within its streets, architecture and sites. We’ll walk through the streets and take in the architecture and history that made this company town famous.

Tickets for the Whiskytown Historical Tour are now available online with available tour dates beginning July 1, 2020.

Highlights of the all ages historical tour include:

  • A look into Windsor, Ontario’s moniker of Whiskytown, Canada
  • Historical figures such as whisky baron, Hiram Walker, gangster Al Capone, and “King Canada”.
  • The architecture and street design of a company town.
  • Seedy rum running history

The tour is a complement to the Drinks of Walkerville, which is named an Ontario Signature Experience. The Whiskytown Historical tour will take a deeper dive into the neighbourhood and its history.

To ensure everyone’s safety, appropriate measures will be followed on the tour, including a mandatory face mask rule and social distancing of 2 metres for those not within the same social circle. The tour is also limited to 9 guests to ensure we meet Provincial regulations of not exceeding a group of 10.

We’re excited to be back!