After four years of our chefs, Johnny Oran and Elise Keller and their team, creating some incredibly delicious and memorable meals, WindsorEats is introducing a new chef who will be taking the reigns for our 2020 Dinner on a Pier.

The husband and wife duo, Johnny and Elise, showcased incredible skill and creativity in producing four Dinner on a Pier feasts and truly set the bar and helped build the signature dinner into what it is today. WindsorEats, and all the dinner guests who enjoyed the experience, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

This year chef Anthony-John Dalupan will be taking the reigns.

Chef Anthony-John Dalupan.
Chef Anthony-John Dalupan.

Philippines-born Dalupan had already graduated from the University of Windsor before deciding to enrol at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, Vancouver, British Columbia. While in British Columbia Anthony managed several properties for Granville Entertainment.

He then travelled back to his Canadian hometown, Windsor, Ontario, to open a small 40-seat restaurant “Three A Tasting Bar” with his partner and wife, Kathleen Hart.

While raising their daughter, Hannah, the ambitious couple continued to expand their business with a catering company called “Bamboo”. While at Bamboo he honed his craft, designing original dishes and menus for each event with a majority of the ingredients grown in Southern Ontario. They were both commissioned to write a cookbook, “A Taste of Ontario” for the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers, a marketing group that represents all greenhouse growers in the province of Ontario.

Chef Anthony’s involvements in cooking competitions have won him accolades and awards, most notably his first place finish in the “Show Down Of The Chefs” in 2004, and his 2nd place finish in the Provincial wide “Chef Of The Year”.

Dinner on a Pier is a unique dining experience. Diners are treated to a multi course meal while dining in the shadow of the iconic and historic Ambassador Bridge, overlooking the Detroit skyline and taking in a beautiful sunset. Guests enjoy live music under the stars and string lighting hung over the pier as ships large and small sail by. As one guest perfectly put it, “the evening felt as if I was at some wonderful seaside resort.”

The perfect Instagrammable moments are aplenty at Dinner on a Pier in Windsor, Ontario. Oh, and the food is spectacular!
The perfect Instagrammable moments are aplenty at Dinner on a Pier in Windsor, Ontario. Oh, and the food is spectacular!

The Dinner on a Pier has added a new way for people to connect with food, the waterfront and each other. A true dining experience is always as much about the company you’re with as it is the food. By placing a communal long-table down the middle of the pier, not assigning seating and serving a family-style dinner, it encourages dialogue and interactivity with the meal among friends and strangers alike.

Each year showcases a different style of cuisine, with previous years being Israeli, Spanish, Oaxacan and Izakaya cuisine. This years cuisine will be announced at the beginning of March.

Tickets are now available in our online shop and sell out quickly and have sold our prior to the announcement of the style of cuisine in the past.