It's Paczki Day!!!

6 Spots To Get Your Pączki Fix In And Around Windsor

Whether you know it as Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday, everybody knows it as Pączki Day.

Don’t know what a pączki is? Well, originating from Poland, pączki are deep-fried pieces of dough shaped into flattened spheres and filled with a sweet filling. They are usually covered with powdered sugar, icing or a glaze. Most people here in Windsor pronounce it POONCH-KEY. Whatever you call it, we can all agree they are delicious.

With the annual tradition of Pączki Day upon us once again (February 25, 2020), I thought we’d share some hot spots in and around Windsor, Ontario, to fill your pączki cravings.



When your window display looks like that, you know your pretty serious about pączki. Blak’s Bakery is the mecca of pączki in the region. This little bakery in Windsor has been pushing quality pączki for over 100 years now. They anticipate making about 40,000 pączki this upcoming week alone!

If you haven’t ordered ahead, be prepared for long lines or even possible no pączki for you.



Snacking on some paczki.
Snacking on some paczki.

If you’re in the Leamington area, Lakeside Bakery is the place to go for your gluttonous orb of donut-y goodness. While you’re there you can do some other gourmet grocery shopping, too!



If you’re sad because you’re vegan and feel you can’t participate in the gluttony, Plant Joy has your back. They’ll be offering up vegan options filled with strawberry jelly, raspberry jelly, whipped cream and possibly a few others.



Trying to be healthier but still want to shove your face full of paczki? Brandner Farms Organics is making baked (not fried) organic paczki. They’ll be serving up vanilla custard, chocolate custard, strawberry, blueberry, lemon and raspberry flavours.



An Italian bakery that does a great job serving up this Polish treat. Mancini’s Italia Bakery are accepting preorders of 2 dozen or more (yes, people are that serious about pączki) up to Friday, February 21. Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, apple spice, prune, custard, lemon, Nutella and ricotta are available. There’s also a special surprise flavour available in-store only.



Sweet Revenge will once again be offering up a variety of pączki at their East Windsor shop. We recommend while you’re there picking them up to grab some of their macarons, too.


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