WindsorEats is introducing a new beer event to Windsor, Ontario, that will showcase exclusive one-off beers in a competition that gives attendees the opportunity to vote for their favourite.


Masters of the Brewniverse, is one day event that encourages friendly competition of one-off beers that are exclusive to the event, giving breweries the opportunity to showcase their creativity and win bragging rights. There will be two awards handed out: People’s Choice and the Master of the Brewniverse which will be decided by a panel of judges.

Breweries such as GL Heritage, Frank Brewing and The Grove Brew House have already committed and are brainstorming ways to take home the title.

“This event will be a great opportunity for the brewers to jump back on their pilot systems and experiment with new recipes,” says Dwayne Grondin, co-owner and brewer at GL Heritage. “It creates a feeling of excitement and anticipation of new beers for all of our followers. Having all the local breweries participate in this event only grows our regions reputation of a solid craft beer destination.”

Masters of the Brewniverse

The nature of the event means that beers will be limited, so it’s a unique opportunity for craft beer lovers to get away from the same old and try something truly different. However, not only are the beers in limited quantity, so are the tickets.

Taking place on Saturday, April 18, 2020, at The Accelerator in Windsor, Ontario. There will be two sessions. Session One will take place from 1:00pm to 5:00pm and Session Two will run 7:00pm to 11:00pm.  Winners will be announced at Session Two.

The aim of the event is to be a fun competition to showcase the creativity of brewers, form a camaraderie and strengthen the craft beer industry through partnerships and collaborations.



The exclusive beers will be in very limited availability at the event, with only 20L kegs of each brew being provided. Which means if you see one you like when we release our list, make a plan of attack to be certain you hit up the ones that interest you.



First, due to the limited nature of the tickets (only 200 per session), we recommend getting yours ASAP in the WindsorEats online shop. Session One tickets are $42 and Session Two tickets are $47. Each ticket includes a branded Masters of the Brewniverse tasting glass and 80oz of beer. That’s 80oz of beer and for an event themed after an 80’s cartoon that just seemed appropriate.

Naturally, we’ll be playing the best hits from the 80’s throughout the event and, of course, 80s attire is entirely optional but welcomed and encouraged.