One of the newest and hottest restaurants in Windsor-Essex is joining in the 2020 edition of Winter Bites Restaurant Week.

Vine + Ash will be offering up a three-course menu of some of their most loved dishes (and some new ones) as part of the popular restaurant week throughout Windsor, Ontario and the surrounding region.

Here are some of the dishes we’re excited about on their discounted three-course menu:


Duck fat fries and cheese curds smothered in a beautiful, thick red wine gravy



Sometimes the simplicity of letting an ingredients natural flavours shine is best. This cauliflower is charred in the restaurants Josper charcoal grill before being finished with “Cacio e Pepe” (cheese and pepper), parsley, and lemon.



How do you resist a cracking the top layer of a perfectly made creme brulee? The correct answer is, you don’t. Just give in and enjoy.