The great thing about the Windsor Craft Beer Festival is that breweries are always creating something new just for the festivities. It seems like they’re always trying to one-up each other in friendly competition.

There are a whole slate of special one-offs exclusive to, or being launched at, the 2019 Windsor Craft Beer Festival. Here are 6 that we’re excited about.


Craft Heads Brewing Company

Will it be a reintroduction of the Unicorn Milkshake IPA they introduced to the region a couple years ago? We’re not sure as Craft Heads Brewing Company has been tight lipped about their special releases at this years festival. If it comes anywhere close to resembling it, though, it’s going to be a great treat!


Walkerville Brewery

Dark brown in colour, this medium bodied ale from Walkerville Brewery holds hints of roasted malts, toasted nuts, and warm toffee notes with a surprisingly creamy, smooth taste. Beyond the dry, roasted nuts you’ll find subtle notes in the back of vanilla and chai to round out the finish.

Not only is this being launched at the Windsor Craft Beer Festival, it’s only available at the festival and likely to sell out and never to be seen again.


BIG HARVEST (Dunkelweizen)
Frank Brewing Co.

Frank Brewing Co. is bringing back their Big Harvest. A bronze medal winner at the  2016 Ontario Craft Beer Awards, it’s making a return just for the festival. This Dunkle Weizen – German for “dark wheat” – is deliciously complex with a subtle bitterness. Copper-caramel in colour, this hearty brew is crafted with Pilsner, Cara wheat and Minuch II malts, Mittel fruh hops, and Bavarian Hefeweizen yeast.


Craft Heads Brewing Company

When you’re a brewery with a tendency to be adventurous and you’re located in a region with a great wine appellation, it’s pretty much meant to be that a wine-beer hybrid is brewed.


Walkerville Brewery

Another special one-off cask by Walkerville Brewery just for the 2019 Windsor Craft Beer Festival. Similar to their Easy Stout, this stout is a decadent and delicious offering. Silky sweet notes while hints of orange zest greet the palate and roll off into a chocolate finish. A soft roasted note should linger as the beer finishes dry. Medium bodied and easy drinking. Again, once it’s gone, it’s gone!


Frank Brewing Co.

Take a sip of this Cold Brew Coffee Porter to escape into a robust blend of dark roasted maltiness, and chocolate undertones. Brewed with Brazil Alta Vista and Columbia Narino coffee from Anchor Coffee House, it’s subtly sweet, earthy, and has a smooth silky finish.