They’re baaaack! The WindsorEats D-Tour is back for another season of shenanigans visiting some of Detroit’s best dive bars.

These wildly popular tours throw you onto a magical school bus (complete with a karaoke machine) and swings you through 4 of the Motor City’s grungiest, diviest watering holes.

The WindsorEats D-Tour, (get it? detour?) will allow easy access for you to visit some iconic local hangouts in Detroit without the need to drive, allowing you time to focus on a good time.

The Painted Lady in Hamtramck, Michigan.
The Painted Lady in Hamtramck, Michigan.

Tickets to the WindsorEats D-Tour sell quickly, so we recommend purchasing for you and your friends as quickly as possible. The tours run from November to April and start at 6:30 p.m, bringing you back to Windsor at approximately midnight.

Of course, you’re crossing an international border with different laws, so guests must be 21 and over to attend, have a valid passport and be legally able to enter the United States.

So, who wants to come to Detroit with us on a magical bus ride?!