In what has been a summer full of great Friday Night Lights rides (ie. visiting Pride Fest, Street Food Fare, Urban Wine Fest and more), WindsorEats has another card up its sleeve to play on the ride this Friday.

While all stops are secret to keep folks guessing, we’re excited about our visits for August 23.

If you haven’t been on a Friday Night Lights ride yet, it’s we highly recommend doing so as it has become a slow rolling, brightly lit summer tradition.

Fun at Friday Night Lights in Windsor, Ontario.
Fun at Friday Night Lights in Windsor, Ontario.

The concept of the ride is quite simple. Imagine hundreds of colourfully lit bicycles rolling by, bells clacking, as they partake in a pub crawl on two wheels. The pack take up the entire street, sometimes stretching several city blocks at a time. They’ve even received the support of the Windsor Police Services who provide auxiliary officers on bike to join the crowd and keep everything rolling smoothly.

The ride takes place every other Friday from the start of May into October and has riders are constantly trying to outdo each other with their decorations on each ride. If you pay close enough attention, you may catch a glimpse of the couple on a tandem bike with custom built chandelier installed hanging over them as they ride.

The event has become hugely popular, but, not just with a younger demographic that you’d expect. In fact, looking across the faces in the crowd you’ll see a wide spectrum of ages from young adults to seniors. And that’s the best part. You quickly realize it’s for anyone. All ages. All abilities. No judgement. You not only get to enjoy the company of good folks, you also can indulge in the food and drink of three great establishments visited along the way.

With as many as 300 plus people riding along, the atmosphere is incredible. Several riders even equip their bicycles with sound systems belting some great playlists. “Changing the station” to hear the music you like is as easy as pedalling faster or slower to find another cyclist with a different song playing.

There’s honestly no better way to explore the city.

Tickets are available online for $5 until an hour before the start. After that, it’s $10 cash on site.