Sprucewood Shore Estate Winery continues to innovate by creating the regions first Amarone-style wine by a local winery.

Appassimento, the Italian name for the grape-drying process used in Italy to produce Amarone wines, has recently become popular in the Niagara wine region of Ontario. Interest in producing Amarone-style wines in the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario is growing rapidly since Foreign Affair Winery created the process and produced their first Appasimento in 2007.

The process sees wine produced from wholly or partially dried grapes by using this technique.

The Sprucewood Shores Appassimento, labelled as Hawk’s Flight, was developed by picking grapes at Brix 22 hand picked during regular harvest time and placed in a state of the art plenum dry chamber for 2 months to dry. Slowly with controlled temperatures, humidity and air flow, the grapes dehydrated and matured off the vine.

The tannins matured in to smooth and round creating a wonderfully ripe and rich grape. The dehydration resulted in bigger and bolder flavours and
aromas with higher alcohol then a regular table wine at 15.5%.

A big and bold wine, it starts with red cherry flavours but quickly moves unto darker fruits like black berry, black cherry and plum. Chocolate, followed
with faint notes of vanilla and nutmeg are also present. It’s a wine of mind blowing depth and complexity.

Only 100 cases of the Hawk’s Flight were produced, so we recommend heading to Sprucewood Shores and picking up some bottles before they’re gone.