Yet another brand ambassador has been added to the growing list of whisky professionals attending the 2019 Whiskytown Festival.

Tish Harcus, the Canadian Club Global Ambassador, will be in attendance at the August 10 festival dedicated to whisky. In March 2014, Tish accepted two awards in London, England for 2013 and 2014 Whisky Center Manager of the Year from the prestigious Icons of Whisky Association.

In 2017 she launched the Canadian Club 40 Year whisky, which was the oldest Canadian whisky ever launched. On September 26, 2018 she launched the Canadian Club 41 Year at the home of Canadian Club in Walkerville, Ontario, Canada and launched it in major cities across Canada.

Tish attends whisky shows and does Master Classes globally to present Canadian Club Whisky and to share her love of the portfolio. With more than 30 years of experience representing Canadian Club, she also plays a vital role as a key member of the Global Canadian Club marketing team.

In 2013 Tish developed a new program for women who are interested in knowing more or discovering whisky for the first time. Since the inception of the C.C. Women & Whisky group two years ago, she has travelled the world sharing her knowledge of whisky to women through presentations and whisky tastings. Today 42% of the whisky consumers are female and this number is rapidly growing.

Tish takes great pride in sharing Canadian Club’s historical facts, production and tasting notes with key sales people, distributors and the general public. She continues to uncover interesting nuggets by sifting through archival materials and exploring the nooks and crannies of the brand centre, formerly Hiram Walker’s home. By sharing stories about Walker and his sons, the whisky’s origins and expansion, how it was smuggled during prohibition, and the company’s impact on the local community, Tish hopes to provide those instrumental in Canadian Club’s success with a deeper appreciation for the brand.

The Whiskytown Festival is the premier whisky festival in Windsor-Essex. Participants will be able to imbibe in a variety of domestic and international whiskies and cocktails at a festival dedicated to whisky in the city known as Whiskytown, Canada.

Pouring cocktails at the Whiskytown Festival in Windsor, Ontario.
Pouring cocktails at the Whiskytown Festival in Windsor, Ontario.

The celebration will take place in historic Walkerville, a neighbourhood in the heart of Windsor, Ontario and that was the original company town built and designed by whisky baron and creator of Canadian Club whisky, Hiram Walker.

In fact, the festival will be sprawled out on the grounds of St. Mary’s Church, which was built by Hiram Walker’s son and bears the name of Hiram’s wife. It’s even said there are secrets hidden in the church’s design.

Tickets can be purchased online for $30 in advance and include 5 tokens.