You’ve probably heard us talk about Ani & Fabi‘s baking kits before. If you haven’t…..what?? It’s an amazing monthly subscription kit that puts together a great dessert recipe and all the ingredients you need to get it done. It’s basically awesomeness in a box.

Ani & Fabi is the brainchild of local duo Hanlu and Dominik and is Canada’s first baking subscription service. Each month they mail out kits across Ontario and are even looking to expand that subscription across Canada.

A subscription signs you up for two surprise kits each month. Once you’re on our list you’ll receive two dessert kits, delivered to your door, and prepared, waiting for you just to bake.

Subscription Baking Kit

If you are just looking to purchase a kit on it’s own, you can do that too. They also offer their baking kits at Little Foot Foods and Urban Art Market.



This is how baking should be. I’ve used the kits many times and they are fool proof. Store them in your pantry and they are ready to use when you need them. You don’t have to be a master baker to do this either. The recipes are easy to pull off and delicious when they’re done.



All dry ingredients are packed, measured and delivered to your door, you just add eggs and dairy and bake! This is genius. How many times have you pulled out a recipe and realize you don’t have all the ingredients you need? And, honestly, who keeps not so often used items like pecans in their house? Everything you need is in the box, including easy to follow instructions.



The kits are definitely a fun interactive family experience. I keep a couple on hand for when I need a shared activity to do with my little one. She loves to bake and it’s an awesome opportunity to get her engaged and hands on with her food, learn measurements and have a great dessert at the end of it all.



Ani & Fabi is offering $15 off the first month to WindsorEats followers when you sign up for a bi-monthly or monthly Baking Experience Subscription! Just click Subscribe Now and use the coupon code: WindsorBakes

Now on to the reason why we love Ani & Fabi so much….the desserts! They’re bringing back a favourite and added a new cookie to this month’s subscription.



Red Velvet Blondie

They’re back!  The True North blondies bleed red and white, and are the perfect Canada Day dessert. The vanilla and brown sugar create a butterscotch flavour blondies are known for, while the cocoa brings out a chocolatey kick to complete the red velvet. To top it all off, white chocolate drizzle along with maple leaf sprinkles, garnish the dessert.



Choco Coco Macarons
These macaroons take a minimal amount of time to prepare and not too long to bake, so you can head back to the backyard in no time! Just finish off the cookie by dipping the macaroons in chocolate to give them the extra character, and soon you’re all set to enjoy.