A solid Super Bowl party isn’t about the game, it’s all about the commercials, the halftime show and, most importantly, the food. Whether hosting at home or heading out to a local establishment to enjoy the big game, here are 3 ways that you can make sure it’s the tastiest game of the year.



If you’re going to go the traditional Super Bowl party route, pizza is always a well loved classic for the big game.

Arcata Pizzeria and Marco’s Pizzeria are both offering up some deals to help you feed the masses that you’re inviting to your home. Arcata is offering deals on the medium and large pizzas, as well as ribs for only $6.99 and their incredible bread twists for only $5.

Bread twists and ribs from Arcata Pizzeria in Windsor, Ontario.
Bread twists and ribs from Arcata Pizzeria in Windsor, Ontario.

Marco’s has a deal for two large pizzas with three toppings each for $35.99. You can even throw in 32 wings for a total of $64.99. You can also order an 8 piece chicken dinner with a half bin of pasta for only $30.99.

Pizza lovers unite!
Pizza lovers unite!



If pizza ain’t your jam and you’re looking for something a little different, another great party food is tacos. Grand Cantina will help you set up a delicious taco bar for your guests to dive into.

With a minimum 10 people for $15 per person, you can choose from 5 different proteins (ie. barbacoa, carnitas, etc.). You can even add on things like nachos and corn fritters.



Bull & Barrel has some of the biggest screens in the city to watch the game. They’re also doing giveaways all night and offering all-you-can-eat wings for only $15.99.

Over at Joe Schmoe’s, how can you say no to a place that has screens to watch the game, a good beer selection and a burger like this…

Lotsa Mozza Burger from Joe Schmoe's in LaSalle, Ontario.
Lotsa Mozza Burger from Joe Schmoe’s in LaSalle, Ontario.