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WindsorEats to host Cab Franc Wine Festival in 2019

Windsor will have its first wine festival in 2019.

WindsorEats will be hosting the city’s first wine festival in late June 2019. The Cab Franc Fest will be highlighting the region’s strength in producing Cabernet Franc wines.

“We wanted to focus in on something that this region excels at,” explains Adriano Ciotoli, co-owner of WindsorEats. “There are many wine regions in the province, but Windsor Essex is currently producing some of the best Cabernet Franc.”

The terroir in Windsor-Essex is widely regarded as the best place to grow and produce some the best Cab Franc in Canada and WindsorEats will be showcasing that strength with the inaugural Cab Franc Festival in June 2019.

Barrels lined up in the Pelee Island Winery cellar.
Barrels lined up in the Pelee Island Winery cellar.

Due to the warmer climate in Windsor-Essex, red wines are a stronger suit for the Essex Pelee Island Coast wine region. The Cabernet Franc, when yields and attention to detail in the winery are adhered to, could lead the charge in setting this region apart from others.

The 2019 Cab Franc Festival will compliment other festivals and events that WindsorEats has created and brought to the region such as the Windsor Craft Beer Festival and the Whiskytown Festival.

While the festival will highlight cabernet francs from various wineries, visitors can still expect to see a lineup of other varietals.

“We anticipate the festival being vibrant and fun, shattering any perceptions of wine and wine drinkers.”

WindsorEats has narrowed the focus of the festival site location to a few locations within the city, including Lanspeary Park.

Tickets are now available online at WindsorEats.


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