Windsor pizza is once again making headlines. Pizza maker, Dean Litster, of Armando’s, has been named Chef of the Year in the Open Category at the Canadian Pizza Summit.

Dean is known for his passion for pizza. Although he didn’t enter with something tried, tested and true. He entered the competition with  a brand new style of pizza: Windsor style deep dish.

What is Windsor style deep dish, you ask? It’s the dough and the process which truly makes it special.

“Windsor pizza is know for using cornmeal under the crust when the pizza cooks in the over,” Dean says. “So my twist on my pizza is that the dough starts in the pan with cornmeal embedded into the bottom of the dough.”
Dean explains that his dough is very special. “It has been cared for more than most people.”
First, there’s a 24 hour bulk fermentation. He then cuts and balls the dough and allows for another 24 hour cold fermentation. Once that is complete, he then takes the dough out and presses it into the pans were it receives a very long rise of 6 to 7 hours. All of this fermentation does two things: it helps create complex flavours in the dough, as well as helping to break down the starches in the pizza dough which makes it much easier for your body to digest it.
All this worth on the dough give this pizza light, airy, crisp and fresh characteristics.
His toppings for the winning pizza were pesto chili flakes, Galati mozzarella, spinach, sauteed portabello mushrooms, red onions, yellow and red heirloom cherry tomatoes, prosciutto and finished with salt, pepper, oregano and fresh Parmesan cheese. He calls it, The Dean Martin.