After a brief hiatus to review the Friday Night Lights ride we are back! Join us on Friday, July 13th as Friday Night Lights makes it’s comeback. The ride will depart from Willistead Park at 8pm. We encourage you to follow the event page for any changes.

We’ve had many ask us about the reasoning behind cancelling the rides in the first place. It was simple. Safety. The safety of our guides, the safety of our riders and the safety of the general public. Friday Night Lights is an amazing experience and we want it to continue being an amazing experience.

In order to do that we need to make some changes. Think of it as Friday Night Lights 2.0!




We are very excited to be partnering and working with Windsor Police to help ensure that the ride continues in a safe manner. Each ride you will see Windsor Police Auxiliary alongside our Corkers. Their role is to ensure riders are safe and following the Code of Conduct.

To have Windsor Police and Windsor Police Auxiliary participate and understand the value to the community of a ride like Friday Night Lights has, pun intended, lit up our hearts.


Friday Night Lights is a must-try experience you have to participate in when visiting Windsor, Ontario.
Friday Night Lights is a must-try experience you have to participate in when visiting Windsor, Ontario.



When you have over 300 people joining you for a “free” bike ride, costs start to accumulate. Our corkers are paid WindsorEats staff that help to keep our riders safe. As the ride grew, the costs grew. In order to help offset the costs, we are implementing a membership structure. In keeping with the spirit of the original free ride, we’ve kept the cost of the memership as low as possible.

  • $40 for membership for the remainder of the season
  • $10 a ride when you register the day of the ride
  • $5 a ride when you register in advance of the ride date
  • Free for ages 19 years and under

Since we still want to be a family event, anyone under the age of 19 will still be able to attend for free, making it an inexpensive and fun family outing.

We also are offering bicycle rentals for those in need of two wheels and if you rent a bicycle with us, the registration fee for Friday Night Lights is waived!

Registration for the ride and bike rentals can be made in advance in our online shop.

By supporting the ride through membership you’re helping to cover a portion of the costs for the ride. The membership gives you access to up to all Friday Night Lights rides for 2018, it helps pay for the police escort, liability insurance, corkers and more. In return you receive a summer’s worth of fun and memories. Even if you can attend only one ride, the basic membership is a great value. Compare a membership to the cost of any one-day event and you’ll agree we’re the best $40 you’ll spend this summer.

Come on out on our Friday Night Lights bike ride!
Come on out on our Friday Night Lights bike ride!

As always, we will begin at Willistead Park with the ride departing at 8:00pm. We recommend getting there early to check in at the Inifinity Cycle tent. Speaking of Infinity Cycle, they’ll have a tent there! They’ll be on site offering tune ups and repairs for a minimal cost should you need it.


Get on your bikes and ride!
Get on your bikes and ride!



Our ride is based on a Code of Conduct. It allows us to create an environment of respect for those on and off the ride. When someone does not respect the Code of Conduct, they disrespect the ride.

Before every ride, we ask that you review the Code of Conduct. They are not just random rules. We put them together in order to ensure that every one of us has as safe and enjoyable experience on the ride. Each of us is responsible for ensuring that we adhere to the Code of Conduct.