Welcome to Whiskytown, Canada!

WindsorEats has launched a new initiative to promote the history of distilling in the Windsor region and encourage increased tourism to the area.

We have an incredibly rich history of distilling in Windsor, Ontario, and we’re throwing it all out there for the masses to imbibe in. (See what I did there?)

Say, "Whisky!"
Say, “Whisky!”

Why did we think this initiative was needed? It starts with Kentucky. Everyone knows Kentucky is Bourbon Country, and rightfully so with millions of people visiting distilleries dotted across the middle of nowhere. Well, Windsor isn’t in the middle of nowhere and we’re also the birthplace of Canadian Club whisky, have endless history and folklore associated with rum running and we’re the home to North America’s largest distillery. Yes, you read that right. The. Biggest. Eat your heart out, Kentucky!

We’re also surrounded by several major cities with millions of people all just a short drive away and are bursting at the seams with more fun and adventure for people to experience with and without whisky.

A whisky for you, a whisky for me, a whisky for everybody!
A whisky for you, a whisky for me, a whisky for everybody!

It also doesn’t hurt that right now Canadian whisky is currently one of the hottest and most sought after spirits on the market worldwide, even being featured in the New York Times as a specific reason to visit Canada.

Now, all those whisky lovers out there will say you can’t call yourself Whiskytown, Canada and not have a festival dedicated to that liquid gold. Soooo…..you’re welcome.

Inside the J.P. Wiser's distillery.
Inside the J.P. Wiser’s distillery.

On August 4, 2018, WindsorEats will be hosting Canada’s first whisky festival south of Toronto in historic Walkerville, the company town named after the whisky baron, Hiram Walker, who founded Canadian Club whisky. The festival will be appropriately named the Whiskytown Festival. Tickets are available now.

In addition to the festival, some of the highlights currently showcased by Whiskytown, Canada are highly regarded Drinks of Walkerville Experience, the J.P. Wiser’s Experience and Wolfhead Distillery. WindsorEats is also working hard to build more experiences to ensure whisky lovers leave after visiting with memories full of good whisky, good food and great times.

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