Still looking for a place to take your snuggle buns for Valentine’s Day? Let us help you save yourself. Here are some options that will be sure to please and make you look like a hero.


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Thyme Kitchen

When you love someone, what’s yours is theirs and hopefully theirs is yours. So enjoy 6 shareable plates, 2 glasses of champagne and a shareable dessert for only $100 per couple.

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The City Grill

If you were sad when The City Grill transformed from a restaurant to an event venue, you can now get your fill again. They’ve prepared a romantic 3-course dinner for two with options like filet mignon, chicken Wellington and New Orleans Pasta.

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Enjoy a delicious 5-course menu accompanied with the sounds of a live saxaphone. Because in all seriousness, a saxophone just screams sexy love. Click here to view the menu.


Carrots N’ Dates

Dinner not your thing? Carrots N’ Dates is offering a special Valentine’s brunch on Sunday, February 11. You can enjoy their special menu with someone special any time between 9:00am and 3:00pm, but, it’s only available at their Tecumseh location.


Mettawas Station

When a restaurant is named one of the most romantic restaurants in Canada and it’s right in your backyard, how can you resist?

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