It’s almost here. The day we’ve all been waiting for: Paczki Day! A day when calories don’t count and you get to eat your fill of doughy filled pastries!

No one really knows how to spell it or say it but we can all agree on one thing: they are delicious. Here are four bakeries where you can load up on paczki.


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Stiemars Bakery

This European bakery has been around for almost 60 years pumping out quality treats. Their paczki are no exception.  They’ll be offering up a wide variety of flavours including apple, blueberry, custard, lemon, raspberry, strawberry, plum, banana cream, and cherry.


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Blak’s Bakery

Looking for an authentic paczki? You might not get any closer than Blak’s Bakery. They’re a family owned bakery that is in their 100th year, sharing their cultural treats with the masses. Best to place your order in advance as they usually have a lineup down the block on Fat Tuesday.


A variety of paczki from Lakeside Deli & Bakery.
A variety of paczki from Lakeside Bakery.

Lakeside Deli & Bakery

A great place for those in the county looking to give their belly a paczki punch. Located in Leamington, the bakery offers up traditional and nontraditional flavours that will be sure to please. In the city, Sugar Spoon Bakeshop will have Lakeside Deli & Bakery packzis available.


A little piece of Hamtramck in Windsor! ❤? both location Lesperance and Wyandotte open til 6!

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Sweet Revenge Bakeshop

While the flavours they are offering are a closely guarded secret, expect unique and nontraditional flavours to be thrown into the mix. They’ll be selling paczki on a first come, first serve basis. This means, no pre-orders and when they’re gone, they’re gone!