It's Motor AYE.P.A. Week!
It’s Motor AYE.P.A. Week!

Starting today through to March 20, 2016, Motor Craft Ales is having a very hoppy celebration.

The nano brewery has been quietly in the works of brewing 6 brand new IPA’s for the hop addicts out there. Starting today, they’re kicking off the “Motor AYE.P.A week” and every single one of the new beers will be tapped and ready to pour.

They’ll have the 6 new IPA’s on tap for the entire week and they will only stay until they run out.

Craft beer, you're my best friend!
Craft beer, you’re my best friend!

All 6 IPA’s will also be available in bottle to go for the IPA fans that can’t hang out with us at the bar or for those who want to take there favourites home with them.

Styles range from hoppy but smooth all day drinkers to a massive 120 ibu hop bomb, as well as a brand new Nitro IPA that will be released. Here is the complete list:

  • The Malachi Crunch IPA: 1 Malt, 1 Hop, 1 awesome IPA.
  • Rat Rod IPA: A stalwart classic, an all day drinker.
  • Red Eye Drive IPA: Red, hot, IPA.
  • Fleetwood Nitro IPA: A smooth nitro fuelled IPA.
  • Nightrain Black IPA: A single version of the Motor Owner’s exclusive Night Rider Black Double IPA.
  • The Deuce IPA: A 120 IBU Imperial hammer to the mouth.

So go and celebrate, IPA lovers! Motor Craft Ales is dedicating this week to you!