Motor Craft Ales is announcing that with no official vote in the coming U.S. presidential election, they will be brewing their unofficial vote for presidential runner Bernie Sanders.

Feel the Bern
Feel the Bern

The beer will be named the “Berner” and will be a walnut-maple brown cream ale with habanero.

The term Burner, or “Berner” refers to a large, more elaborate type of graffiti piece, one that dedicates much passion and effort.

Owners Jay Souilliere and Gino Gesuale chose this name carefully as they believe burner graffiti perfectly symbolizes Motor Craft Ales support for Bernie Sanders in regards to his fight against the establishment. They state that being passion driven and with no lack of effort Bernie is looking for change and feel his spirit embodies their fight against boring beer.

The ingredients chosen for this beer come from Vermont in a tribute to Bernie’s roots, and the habanero peppers were chosen to “feel the Bern”.

Motor Craft Ales
Motor Craft Ales

Bernie to us represents a fight for change, a fight for something long over due. Being Canadian and unfortunately not having a vote in the U.S’s upcoming election, we’re creating this limited edition bottled beer release as our unofficial vote for Bernie Sanders.

The Berner will be full bodied and have a complex layering of complementary flavours.

Sweet fruit and Earthy tones will dominate the nose in this cloudy textured cream ale. Initial tastes will have a maple and roasted caramel/toffee maltiness with walnut undertones that will blend almost immediately with the sweet earthy habanero. The small amount of heat from the habanero will be in the background to allow the bitter citrus fruit characters from the hops to shine through.

Motor Craft Ales will be fermenting this beer to the sound of Bernie Sanders campaign speeches.

The brewery has been getting plenty of media attention on both sides of the border for their Berner creation, being featured in newspapers across the U.S. and Canada as well as Yahoo! News.