Motor Craft Ales
Motor Craft Ales

After building and installing a bottling system from the ground up, Motor Craft Ales is ready to roll production on “Craft Beers To Go”.

First to be rolled out in 22oz bottles will be their black lager, Dragula. WindsorEats recently showcased this craft beer at the London Wine & Food Show in mid-January. Much like its response in Windsor, it was a smash hit with the crowd with several saying they’d drive down the 401 just to get a few bottles of it.

Motor Burger and Motor Craft Ales co-owner, Gino Gesuale, says him and business partner, Jay Souilliere have been asked incessantly about when they would be launching their beers in bottles. “We’ve been planning on this for the past year or so and now is just the right time to do it,” he says. “We’ve built and designed our own bottling machine and finally have it dialed in perfectly and ready to provide people with Motor Craft Ales at home.”

Now you can take Motor Craft Ales home with you
Now you can take Motor Craft Ales home with you

Every couple of weeks Motor Craft Ales will be rolling out another core motor brand for bottling. Expect to see all the favorites like Wanker ESB, C-hop Top IPA, Rider Cream Ale, Model A and even some one of batches that they have in the works like The Red Lemon Sour.

Currently available in bottles are: Dragula black lager, Barn Find apple wood smoked marzen, Jalopy jalapeno ale and the soon-to-be ready Red Lemon (a bottle conditioned sour).

The new 22oz. bottles start at $6.50 each.

The Motor Owner's Club is an exclusive craft beer club by Motor Craft Ales.
The Motor Owner’s Club is an exclusive craft beer club by Motor Craft Ales.

If you’re looking for something in even smaller batches and more exclusive, Motor Craft Ales still has some spots available in their Motor Owner’s Club, which offers membership to only 35 beer nuts a year. It provides true craft lovers with extremely rare release that only the 35 members will ever posses ranging from barrel aged imperials, Belgian styles, sours, and more.

“There are no boundaries,” Jay touts. “We are 60% sold out now and the response to the first year old barrel aged double black IPA is amazing.”

We highly encourage people to jump in quick to enjoy a year long gift of craft beer.