WindsorEats Organizing A Sausage Fest For Summer 2016

Who doesn't love a good, juicy sausage in their mouth?
Who doesn’t love a good, juicy sausage in their mouth?

Now that Arms Bumanlag outed us on live radio (thanks Arms!), we might as well share the secret. 

Picture this: a refreshing, cold craft beer in one hand. A long, juicy piece of meat that explodes with flavour in your mouth in the other. WindsorEats is in the middle of planning another new festival for the summer of 2016 that will fill your mouth with meaty goodness.

We’re talking about sausages here, people. Get your minds out of the gutter.

Mighty fine meaty goodness!
Mighty fine meaty goodness!

To complement the Great Canadian Quaff festival we announced for July, we are also in the midst of organizing another festival for the first weekend in August. The Sausage Fest will showcase everything…you guessed it…sausage!

With great sausage makers in the region like Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Co. and The Butcher of Kingsville, we felt it was reason enough to celebrate everything sausage. Include the fact we have countless talented chefs who are also able and willing to create several sausage related dishes and we have the makings of one mighty tasty festival.

We've packed the sausage party!

Posted by WindsorEats on Friday, 30 October 2015

“After the huge success of our Sausage Party in October, we thought the next logical step was to grow our sausage love,” says Adriano Ciotoli, co-owner of WindsorEats along with his sister Pina.

So come August, bring your friends and try their sausage as they try yours while enjoying a warm summer breeze through your hair.

Stay tuned to WindsorEats as we release details in the weeks to come about both the Sausage Fest and the Great Canadian Quaff.


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