The folks at Motor Craft Ales innovating once again.

Motor Craft Ales
Motor Craft Ales

The craft brewery introduced what they believe is the first collaboration between a Windsor and Detroit brewery. The partnership between Motor Craft Ales and Batch Brewing has seen the creation of a long forgotten American beer style, the Kentucky Common. The name of the brew: Canucky Common.

How did it get its name?

Canucky: /kəˈnʌkˈē/ adv. Related to being a Canuck – i.e. level headed, reasonable, Canadian.

Common: /ˈkämən/ adj. Related to indigenous American beer style of yesteryear, – i.e. Kentucky Common.

The Kentucky Common is a historic pre-prohibition beer and was produced by 90% of breweries in 1913. Traditionally, it was consumed only fresh and on draft due to the lack of modern refrigeration at the time. This is a beer with complex flavours and low to medium alcohol by volume (ABV), which is a standard measure of how much alcohol is in a beverage.

As European immigrants arrived it soon became a working class brew. What a great way to represent Detroit and Windsor!

We’re thinking it’s a perfect reason to head over for a pint and a Deux Cheavux.