In The Field: K&T Specialty Foods

There is a growing trend for foods that accommodate specialty diets. We all know that. You probably also know that in the last few years we have seen an increase in the number of businesses that are accommodating those with allergies or dietary restrictions.

One such business is local bakery, K&T Specialty Foods. Since 2007, owner Christine Fay has made it a goal to create products that are as close as possible in taste to their gluten counterparts.

Located at 2120 Gladstone Ave, the bakery offers a special each day and regularly posts what’s baking in the oven on K&T Specialty Foods FaceBook, filling my newsfeed with fresh baked bagels, dinner rolls, pizza crusts, muffins, hot dog and hamburger buns and even fresh pasta.



Along with being gluten free, the bakery is also soy free and carries dairy free options. If you have an allergy or dietary restriction, just call Christine and have a chat with her. She is incredibly accommodating and always willing to help out as best she can.

K&T Specialty Foods has been growing and Christine is working hard to ensure that we have access to her baked goods. Next time you’re at establishments such as Hummazing and Mazaar’s Lebanese Cuisine, you can order gluten free wraps or pitas and know that they come from K&T.

We spent the morning with Christine and talked to her about life at the bakery.

We took home a loaf of Christine’s Olive and Feta Focaccia and decided to make our version of a grilled cheese.


You can't go wrong with melted cheese.
You can’t go wrong with melted cheese.

Olive and Feta Focaccia Melt

  • Olive and Feta Focaccia from K&T Specialty Foods Ltd
  • Olive tapenade
  • Spinach
  • Brie cheese


All the ingredients you need.
All the ingredients you need.

The bread comes frozen, so Christine suggests popping a slice into the microwave for a minute to soften it.

Slice a square of the foccaccia in half. Take a teaspoon of the tapenade and spread on the inside of the foccaccia. If you really like olives, you can certainly spread the tapenade on both slices of bread, like I did. If not, just spread it over one slice.

Take a few leaves of spinach and place on top of the tapenade.

Layers slices of brie over top of the spinach and place the remaining slice of focaccia on top.


Layer the ingredients over top the slices.
Layer the ingredients over top the slices.

Place the sandwich in a skillet on medium heat and grill until the outside is crispy and the brie inside has started to melt. Serve.


Serve while it's still warm and gooey.
Serve while it’s still warm and gooey.


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