Austin Wellwood and Chef Josh Deneau of Mauro's on Erie

Have you always wondered what’s going on in the kitchen at your favourite restaurant on a busy Saturday night? If you’re at Mauro’s on Erie, now you can see for yourself.

The popular restaurant in Windsor’s Little Italy has become the first restaurant in the region to install a video camera in its kitchen, showcasing the work being done to customers via a screen in the dining area.

Mauro Pippo, owner of Mauro’s, says it is something that he has wanted to do for the last 15 years.

“It has always been a dream to do this. The food that is coming out of this kitchen, that Windsor is talking about, I think it’s time to show what my chef actually does,” Mauro says. “They take so much excitement in their food, let’s show it to everybody.”

Mauro’s chef, Josh Deneau, loves the idea.

For all the work and passion that goes into creating the dishes, customers only see the end product. Now you can see the entire process behind the creation of the dish. Josh goes on to explain that customers with allergies can now see for themselves how well they sanitize and ensure the kitchen is meeting their needs.

“I think its better. The customer can see everything that’s going on and see how clean and organized we are back there,” Josh says.