Whipsaw Coffee Roasters Looks To Bring Coffee Culture To Windsor


Whipsaw Coffee Roasters

Whipsaw Coffee Roasters are taking Windsor’s coffee culture up a notch.

The owners of the newly opened business, Whipsaw Coffee Roasters, are cultivating a local coffee culture through sharing their knowledge and love of the brew to create the perfect cup of java.

Co-owner Jim LaSorda’s passion for coffee can be traced to one specific cup.

“I remember being at a friend’s place who had been raving about this coffee that he had picked up in Vancouver,” Jim says. “It was a Kenya Kangocho and I just remember thinking ‘I didn’t know coffee could taste like this!’

His love for coffee grew from there and quickly turned into an obsession.

“I started ordering coffee from all over the world,” he says. “I was amazed at how complex coffee was. That experience of sampling so many great coffees inspired me to learn about roasting and the coffee industry as a whole. Whipsaw is a way for us to share that love and fascination of coffee with our friends and the people of Windsor and Essex County.”

Whipsaw Coffee Roasters

Jim wanted to push the boundaries with Whipsaw, experimenting and bringing in coffees that challenge people’s perception of what coffee can be. He knows there are many coffee businesses out there who have been doing the same thing for years and he wants Whipsaw to be an alternative for people who are looking to try new things.

“Traditionally, some roasters have used dark roasts to mask deficiencies in the green coffee beans they’ve purchased,” Jim explains. He and business partner, Dane Charles, who also owns Salute Espresso Bar, take a different approach.

“We order samples from all over the world and spend countless hours cupping different coffees, selecting only those that we find to be of great quality.”

The duo source the highest quality green coffee beans, as this directly affects the overall quality of the cup. Their detail to quality is shining through. Earlier this year Whipsaw entered the 2013 Coffee Fest Competition in Chicago where they competed for America’s Best Espresso and placed top 16.

“The vast majority of our roasts range from light to medium,” says Jim. “This approach preserves the natural characteristics of the beans and leads to a great diversity in flavour.”

Jim and Dane’s goal is to have Whipsaw become a staple in the Windsor community and create a coffee culture in the region by introducing their customers to spectacular coffee. They’re currently expanding their market by training staff at local restaurants on how to properly use their beans and brew a perfect espresso. That doesn’t mean providing to restaurants and other businesses will lead Whipsaw to become a mass production roaster.

“We will always take an artisan approach to our craft,” Jim says proudly. “Through our own experiences with quality coffee, we wanted to share great coffee with our friends and the community. The only way to do this is by taking an artisan approach, working hands on, roasting small batches to the best of our ability.”

Salute Espresso Bar

Not only are they making it easier for restaurants to serve their coffee, they’ve also made it simple for customers to enjoy it with Coffee Subscriptions. Patrons can sign up for a three, six or twelve month subscription and Whipsaw coffee beans will automatically be shipped to their door allowing customers to stay fully stocked and supplied with their favourite coffees from Whipsaw.

“It also means that you’ll have the opportunity to taste all of our coffees,” Jim says with a smile.

Since coffee is a highly seasonal product, Whipsaw will introduce new offerings as harvests arrive. This ensures fresh coffee and allows you to experience a wide range of changing styles, and flavours.

Tasty Tidbit: Want to taste Whipsaw coffee? Visit Salute Espresso Bar in Old Walkerville. You can also learn how to pull your own Whipsaw espresso on one of our Morning Stroll walking tours.

Student Deal: Interested in trying Whipsaws coffee? For the month of September students will get a special deal at Salute Espresso Bar. Show your student card and get your beverage 1/2  price. Be sure to tell them WindsorEats sent you!

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