Salute Espresso Offers Disloyalty Program to Convert Coffee Drinkers

Salute Espresso Bar

While they already offer a loyalty program, Salute Espresso Bar thought it would also be a crazy idea to run a ‘Disloyalty Prorgram’ throughout the month of July.

‘What’s a disloyalty program?’, you ask.

Simply bring Salute your cup that contained your last coffee beverage, trade it in and they’re trade you up to one of their own coffee beverages for free! That’s right. Free.

‘Why are they doing something so crazy?’, might be your next question.

They are so confident in the quality of coffee they offer, Salute Espresso Bar want you to remember and reflect on the last cup of coffee you had while you experience theirs.

To check out the qualifying rules, please visit

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