Drinks of Walkerville walking tour

This Saturday, March 2, 2013, come out on our Drinks of Walkerville walking tour and be one of the first people to experience the new restaurant in Walkerville, The Willistead.

This tour has quickly become a crowd favourite. We’ll start off at the Canadian Club Brand Centre as we take in the history of the building and brand before sampling Don Draper’s drink of choice, Canadian Club Whiskey.

After learning all the about history full of famous (and infamous) characters that were big fans of the Canadian Club brand, we take a stroll through Old Walkerville discovering it’s architecture as well as some well known and not so well known tales associated with the area.

We then will visit Walkerville Brewery and sample their beers while being walked through the facility and learning about the brewing process.

From beer we head over to tequila at The Willistead and learn about the famous Mexican drink through the restaurants selection of tequilas. They even have one tequila, the Clase Azul Extra Anejo, that sells for $190 per ounce. If you’re good and ask nicely, they might even let you touch the bottle.

By joining our tour you’ll receive an experience and some extras that you won’t be able to have on your own

Guests will enjoy:

  • A tasting and tour of Canadian Club Heritage Centre
  • Tasting, snack and a tour at Walkerville Brewery
  • A flight of 3 tequilas at The Willistead.

Tickets are $45 per person and can be purchased here.