Salute Espresso Bar

WindsorEats is proud to announce the addition of Salute Espresso Bar.

Owner Dane Charles opened the new Walkerville espresso bar after travelling to several big cities and exploring their coffee culture. “The different places those cities have to offer initially gave me the idea to open”, says owner Dane Charles. “To really dive into it i figured eventually someone else was going to introduce what I’m trying to do in the city and i didn’t want to be the one with the idea three or four years back and then being a second comer to the market.”

The interior of Salute provides a fantastic urban feel, but the aesthetics are not the only thing he’s hoping will draw people in. He’s hoping his passion for coffees or all kinds will help draw customers in to experience what a properly created cup of coffee tastes like.

“The quality of coffee and the care that we’re taking to really bring out and showcase that quality will separate us from other coffee shops”, says Dane. “We’re working with a lot of artisanal roasters from across north america to really showcase the variety and seasonality of coffee. Coffee is definitely our focus.”

For food lovers like us here at WindsorEats, he’ll also be offering classes that will showcase different beans and brew techniques.

“The classes we’re introducing to educate people on the different coffees that we’re bringing in. Coffee does have different flavour profiles just as wine or beer would”, Dane explains. “Those classes will allow our guests to experience not only different coffees but also different ways of brewing them and really just educating them on the whole coffee culture which really hasn’t been done in Windsor. Whether it’s the coffee itself or the brewing methods, that’s how we’re going to set their expectations higher.”

We encourage you to visit Dane at Salute Espresso Bar and be sure to tell him WindsorEats sent you.

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