Thai Palace Restaurant getting the finishing touches completed the day before their re-opening at their new location

As of 11:00am this morning, Thai Palace Restaurant is once again officially opened for business!

As you may remember when we first reported, Thai Palace left their original location to move directly across the road. Over the next couple months until renovations were completed, they operated out of a large mobile kitchen provided only take out services. Today, for the first time since August 27, 2012, Thai Palace is back in full restaurant form.

Owners Renu (Ray) and Charles Anderson are excited to begin the restaurants new life at 1140 Lauzon Rd., directly across the street from their previous location. “From big space to small space, we come back to the big space. I think it makes you feel that you have gained some experience”, says Ray. “You feel like you make yourself  a success. That you’ve reach the goal you tried to do.”

The restaurants new home, in a former church, is located on almost 1.5 acres of land, giving Ray and Charles many new ideas to implement at the restaurant, including possibly hosting a Thai Village as part of the popular Carrousel of Nations festival or outdoor wine tastings. “I just want the locals and wineries and people to surround us and to enjoy us” explains Ray.

Speaking of wineries, the restaurant will feature an expanded wine list which will showcase our regions local wines, something that local wineries are happy to hear. “Both Ray and Charles are extremely big with buying local” explains Michelle Plunkett of Colchester Ridge Estate Winery. “Everything the restaurant is fresh. So to add Ontario wines, just makes sense.  She has a very menu complimentary wine list and she tries to support local as much as she can. We are very proud to be a part of the new Thai Palace.”

The restaurant can accommodate 85 people indoors and another 20 on the permanent patio, which is now labelled the Lemongrass Room. After taking some feedback and opinions from her customers, Ray and Charles enlisted the help of Anthony Pipolo, the designer of their original locations interior.

“The benefit of this location is that it was originally a church from the 60’s and it had a lot of contributing elements like the wood ceiling”, Anthony said. “It complimented the new wood put in. In Thailand it’s traditionally all natural building elements. They have natural stones, natural woods, so I used those elements to continue the relationship with the design and I just complimented the existing with decor and accessories like fabrics.”

For customers wanting some familiarity from the previous locations, colours on the walls will be similar lime greens and coral colour.

The restaurant will continue to have a separate room with a capacity of 20 for private parties, as well as have the capabilities to segment the restaurant into semi-private blocks for groups.

The location and decor isn’t the only thing to change. The menu will also see some minor changes. Duck will now also be an option for all main dishes, alongside tofu, chicken, beef and seafood.

Please be sure to visit the new location and tell Ray and Charles that WindsorEats says hello!