Yum! Pulled pork from Smoke N' Spice

Popular Windsor restaurant, Smoke & Spice, wants to give back to the community that has helped make them so successful by starting a program that will donate a portion of their customers bills to local charities.

“We’re really local-minded and we want to take that beyond our product offering” says Smoke & Spice manager, Duane Neveu. “All our wines are from Essex County, we have a great Ontario craft brewery selection, but beyond that we wanted to do something more.”

What they have come up with is pretty simple. For a week, the restaurant will sell $20 gift certificates (available only on the Smoke & Spice website) and up to $10 will go to a participating charity or non-profit.

“Bingos aren’t what they used to be. Raising funds is probably more difficult than it’s ever been” states Duane. “We’re in a position to help due to the fact our restaurant is popular right now. It’s doing well, and although tomorrow people might not care at all about barbeque, we’re in a position to help these organizations make a good deal of money.”

To be able to take advantage of this, the non-profit must be local with the bulk of its donations remaining in this area. This week, the participating charity is W.E. Care for Kids.

To also help boost sales, for tonight only (Tuesday, March 22, 2011), if you print this coupon and bring it in to Smoke & Spice, 20% of your bills subtotal will also be donated.

Click here to purchase the gift certificates or here to print the coupon for tonight.