Local food hero, Steve Green, is making waves in the local food movement.  In January he organized his first Local Good Food Box pickup for those that were interested in having easier access to local food.  Steve visited local producers in our area and put together a box of assorted produce and products for $30.  30 food boxes were ordered.  Word spread.  This month, 100 Local Good Food Boxes were ordered. 

On Saturday, I headed to the designated pick up location to get my own local good food box and had a chance to talk to Steve about the program.

This is a grass roots movement at it’s best.  Steve and his volunteers are providing people with access to fresh, local, in season products and supporting our local producers.  

And if you’re wondering what exactly do you get for $30, well, you get quite a bit.  Along with vegetables such as potatoes, onions, cabbage, mushrooms, carrots and peppers, my food box also included apples, blueberries, and a carton of eggs.  We even had a choice of local beef or fish. 

The next Local Good Food Box pickup takes place March 26th.  Visit Windsor Essex Community Supported Agriculture to order yours.  You can even order and donate a food box for a family in need. 

If you are interested in getting your own local food box each month, contact Steve at localgoodfoodbox@yahoo.ca