Celebrating Bike Month, Chanoso’s and Oishii Restaurants will debut their new Thrust Eco-Delivery Electric Bike this weekend. The Eco-Delivery Electric Bike will also participate in the “Bike the Bridge 2010” Bicycle Tour starting at Rivard Plaza in Detroit on June 13.

Combining the accessibility and practically of bike delivery with branding aspects, the Eco-Delivery Electric Bike has been specifically developed for food delivery and has twice as much motor power and Lithium battery capacity as that of consumer e-bikes with a single battery lasting up to 32 kilometres. The bike can reach speeds of up to 32 kilometres per hour and holds 7.7 cubic feet of storage for delivery items such as stir-fry, sushi, salad and drinks.

Conducive to quick-service, the Eco-Delivery Electric Bike allows the operator to quickly penetrate high density areas and avoid traffic and parking restrictions. A drivers’ license is not needed to operate the bike.

“The bike offers us a fun, fast and eco-friendly manner in which to deliver food to our clientele,” said Mark Boscariol, Co-Owner, Chanoso’s and Oishii Restaurants. “It will allow us to optimize our delivery times and is a great advertising vehicle.”