This year, it will get a whole lot easier for Essex County residents to get the fresh foods produced right in their own region.

Two local startups, Trusty Food to You and County Connect, will launch their services in May.

Tredki Acres is proud to introduce Trusty Food to You, a mobile market service. This is a home delivery service consisting of fresh local produce, meat, fish, eggs, flour, baked goods etc. Orders can be placed using the online order form on their website as well as on WindsorEats.

Dan and Nancy Kenney, owners of Tredki Acres, feel it is important for consumers to know exactly where their food is coming from and suppliers will be named on their order form with their products listed.

“Many families who would come out to pick berries, purchase pumpkins or go through our corn maze would state how difficult it was to go around the county to purchase various local products” stated Dan. “While local produce, meats, fish was very important to them, they lacked the time to go around the county to obtain these products.”

Dan said being the operators of Tredki Acres was helpful as it gave them “a unique insight in the creation of Trusty Food To You home delivery service.”

Trusty Food To You will gather local produce, meats, fish, cheese, flour, baked goods and more from local participating suppliers and deliver these products correctly by means of their refrigerated truck to the doors of families and restaurants who order the products.

The Kenneys take a very personal approach when it comes to their businesses. Tredki Acres was named using the first two letters of the names of their first three children: Trent, Eddie and Kiara. Now that they have a fourth child, Rusty, including his name into this new venture was a given. The family connection doesn’t end there, though.

“Nancy’s father Mario is our delivery driver” says Dan. “Her mom, my parents and our kids help us out greatly on the farm and in our little farm store which is on-site.”

Dan feels there are many positives for people to switch their eating habits to locally farmed foods.

“Locally produced food items are geographically closer, thus less fuel and greenhouse gases in our environment” he said. “Geography also works in our favour by blessing us with fairly long, warm growing seasons.”

Dan also thinks it is a way to help rejuvenate the local economy.

“By restaurants and the general public using local foods they are directly stimulating our local economy. As the local economy improves, more people are able to go out to the restaurants. It really is a circle of economics.”

Tredki Acres Trusty Food to You service will begin in May.

Also beginning this May is County Connect, a creation of Izabela and Mark Muzzin.

County Connect is building a relationship with local growers and selling their products to restaurants and community members.

“We are building the bridge that allows these products to make it into people’s homes and onto their plates in restaurants” states Izabela. “And we deliver!”

County Connect will plan events to promote the people in our community that are involved in all aspects of that experience. On their soon to be launched site you will have access to locally grown products and be able to get information on who grows the products and more importantly, how they are grown (conventionally, greenhouse, organic, etc.).

“Essentially we are an online farmers market for local food and food products, expanding to include locally made products” says Izabela.

The County Connect website will be opening in early May. Also, check back to WindsorEats for a more in-depth article on County Connect.

WindsorEats is very excited to work closely with both of these new ventures and encourages all our readers and fans to use them and spread the word to all their friends.