The other night I had an opportunity to speak with an acting member of Windsor City Council and the topic of urban chickens was brought up.

As mentioned by Steve Green of Windsor Essex Community Supported Agriculture, council has been dragging their feet in setting up a working committee. The comments made by this councillor indicated why, as it was mentioned, that the majority of Windsor city councillors look  at the topic of urban chickens as a joke behind closed doors and laugh it off.

Whether you agree with the idea of urban chickens or not, the possibility of improving the sustainability of Windsorites lifestyles and even providing at least one small tool in the fight against poverty should at the very least be looked at.

Please take the WECSA poll, contact your city councillors and urge them to get the working committee started to see if urban chickens in Windsor is feasible. Steve Green has offered to pretty much do most of the legwork, so there really is nothing to lose.