Being an avid soccer fan and player, I am always looking for an excuse to play soccer. I convinced Jillian to join a co-ed indoor soccer league this year so we could do something together. While our team is…how should I say this…skillfully challenged, we’ve been having lots of fun and getting some good exercise.

This week, during the warm up (and by warm up I mean cracking jokes with my friends) I look up and see someone from the other team waving at me as they step onto the field. While I actually have good eyesight, I just couldn’t make out who it was…until they got a little closer. It was Tanya from Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery!!!

You may have beat us pretty good this time around, Tanya…actually I have nothing to say. You’ll probably beat us pretty good next time too! Ah well.

Oh yeah, sorry for viciously bumping you onto Jill too! Seriously, my bad!