Jill and I headed out to Chanoso’s Restaurant for lunch today for our first meal of Winter Bites 2010!

We had some great options to choose from but this is what we settled on:

Adriano’s Lunch Choices

  • Pho Soup
  • Spring Rolls
  • Mango Tango Chicken

Jillian’s Lunch Choices

  • Soup de Jen (Green Bean & Asiago Soup)
  • Noodle Rolls
  • Stir-Fry

My favourite parts of the meal? I was a huge fan of Jill’s soup. The sharpness of the Asiago cheese was excellent with the green bean soup. Jillian’s Noodle Rolls were also pretty fantastic, but, my absolute best part of the meal was the Mango Tango Chicken.

There were slices of cooked apples, peppers and onions all thrown together with a bed of rice. The chicken was nice and crispy on the outside yet very moist on the inside. The sweetness from the mango sauce was perfect and not too sweet.

Still trying to decide where to go tomorrow…