We are happy to see people asking us  questions on our Facebook page and twitter about the pros and cons of urban chickens and trying to clear up any concerns they have. There is no better way to educate yourself on a matter than asking questions so we highly encourage it!

One question that was asked on our Facebook page was from a Kenneth N.:

“My limited understanding re: Avian Flu, that it was associated with human proximity to chickens. Help me to understand that this movement will not contribute to the threat.”

We brought this question to the attention of Steve Green, who we like to call the leader (the rooster?) of this movement. Here is what Steve responded with:

“Do not be overly frightened by the Avian flu. The virus is thought to spread from wild fowl to domestic birds and then to humans through direct contact. There is growing evidence however that it actually originates in the factory farm system and spreads via commercial routes. Either way, it has not shown up in migratory birds or factory farm birds here in the US yet.

It can be easily avoided by not allowing your birds to come into contact with wild birds or factory farm birds. For most urban dwellers this is easy to do. Don’t buy your live birds from poultry markets, which usually raise them in factory conditions…. See more

The best precaution is proper handling of your birds. Do not handle them too often, especially if they are sick. Separate sick birds from other hens. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after contact with healthy or sick birds. Most of what is seen in the mass media concerning Avian flu is fear mongering. Be safe but don’t let anyone scare you.”

Again, we strongly encourage you to ask any questions if you are unsure about urban chickens in your community. We’ll try to get them answered as quickly as possible for you.