Ted Dimoglou of Chanoso’s Restaurant/Oishii Sushi Lounge is still working hard in Chicago with award winning Chef Takashi, long after his owners have returned home. He sent us this update via his iPhone:

Went shopping with Chef Takashi at a Korean Market. It was pretty amazing, there was a butcher station, a fresh seafood station and a Korean BBQ dine in/Take out counter right in I’ve market.

It seamed as though They had 10 times the variety of product as a Windsor grocer.

I found and bought a bottle of persimmon vinegar (it was right next to the cans of boiled silkworms)

Chef Takashi and I talked about how much we loved Grouper. We joked that we should get a fishing boat together and spend our time fishing for Tuna in season and Grouper off season

Friday at the restaurant is cleaning day where the entire kitchen is taken apart and thoroughly cleaned.

Family meal consisted of crab cakes and yellow rice, my favorite part of the day wher I get to pick Ignacio’s brain

No worries about having enough time left to prep with 6 cooks, myself and Chef Takashi for the 60 seat restaurant

I spent the rest of the time before dinner service processing prawns and checking crabmeat for shells and cartilage.

I spent dinner service as guarde manger (3 of us at that position)

Hit my head so hard on the walk in ceiling I though I might knock myself out.

Love every minute, I’m learning so much.

Saturday we make ramen noodles

Remember that Chanoso’s and Oishii are both participating in Winter Bites 2010 which begins tomorrow, January 17 and lasts through January 23, 2010.

Also, have you said your say in the great discussion going on in an earlier post from Mark/Mat/Ted?