Are you just too busy to roast a whole bird for you and yours this holiday season? Don’t care to tie up your oven for hours? Do you hate the thought of eating the same old holiday-style turkey yet again?

Smoke N’ Spice is now offering for the holiday season wood-smoked and carved turkey that’ll feed 8 to 10 people for just $50!

They”re doing up just enough turkeys for the first 40 people that call. You can pick it up on Thursday, December 24th between 11am and 4pm while you’re already out doing all your last minute running around.

Imagine dazzling your family with a twist on a holiday classic by having us wood-smoke your turkey. Plus, it’ll cost you as little as $5 per person!

Orders are due by December 20th, and will be prepaid so that you can just run in-and-out during the afternoon of Christmas Eve.