Believe it or not, this post is our second to last in our inaugural edition of 30 Days of Local Wine. If you have any suggestions on how to improve upon it, please feel free to comment on this post or email us!

Now back to the wine!

The new French Oak barrels used in the fermenting of the Pelee Island Winery Barrique Chardonnay gives the wine a subtle, almost creamy vanilla topping to the grape aromas, along with an extra dimension of delicate spiciness to the taste.

This Barrique Chardonnay proves that those pioneers of wine-making knew that our climate produces an excellent, round, dry and very well balanced white wine. Fermented in French Barriques, PIW’s late harvested Chardonnay grapes produce a wine that is toasty with distinctive vanilla flavours.

These grapes were harvested in late October when they had reached 21.6 degrees brix. The juice was then clarified and placed in French Barriques, from the regions Allier, Nevers, and Troncais, for ten months Sur Lie.

A delicious compliment to this wine would be Lobster Newburg, or some fragrant Gruyere cheese.

“Stone Road Alvar”, illustrated on the front label of this wine, is Pelee Island’s largest natural area. An alvar is a unique ecosystem of grasslands, savannas and sparse vegetation growing in very shallow soil over flat limestone. “Stone Road Alvar” contains on of the best alvar and oak savannas on the island and comprises an ecosystem of global significance.